Armchair AD: Who Would You Hire

It appears as if UTEP has made a coaching hire in Steelers offensive line coach and former Miner Sean Kugler. As promised, here are the names of the coaches from the blind item.
Coach A-Juan Castillo
Coach B- Dan Hawkins

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Coach C- Sean Kugler
Coach D- Andre Patterson
Of the people that voted, Patterson was the clear winner of the poll and soon-to-be-named Kugler received none. Interesting results wouldn't you say?
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We all know how tight-lipped UTEP athletic director Bob Stull has been regarding the vacancy left open by the recently-retired UTEP head coach Mike Price.
Stull has stated he would like to have a coach hired prior to Christmas and with the way the most recent college football hiring's coming along, the decision will probably be made sooner rather than later.
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While some fans feel that a younger, up and coming assistant would be an exciting hire, most want experience whether it is in the NFL or at the college level.
There are have been numerous names associated with the opening from both the collegiate and NFL levels, so taking those factors into consideration the staff at Miner Illustrated has decided to give the armchair athletic directors at home an opportunity to pick the next head coach with our blind poll based on five different categories for four different coaches that we feel have the best shot at taking over the UTEP football program.
Without further adieu here are your choices:
Here is the explanation of the Chart.
Total Yrs as HC: The total number of years as a head coach at any level (High School, College-All divisions and the NFL).
Yrs as College Coach: The total number of years coaching in college in any position.
Yrs as NFL Coach: The total number of years coaching in the NFL in any position.
Yrs as Coordinator: The total number of years as a coordinator at any level.
Total Yrs Coaching: The total number of years as a coaching at any level.
There you have it, so who would be your top choice to take over the reins for Coach Price? Vote for your selection in the message boards and we will post the answers to who the coaches are on Monday.
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