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Updated: 2/12/2009
There have been several (and will undoubtedly be many more) requests for information about restaurants, hotels, ticket information, etc. in the El Paso area. Here is a page that will include this information for the out of town fans coming to visit the El Paso area.
Miner fans/El Paso residents and visitors, feel free to contribute anything that you feel should be included. El Paso is a huge city, and I am sure I missed some gems or great tips that would be useful.
The staff will update this page to make it the most complete information center for everyone who visits the board
(A well deserved thank you to those who created the original thread on the message boards.)
Where to stay
As far as where to stay, anywhere from the airport to the West Side is easily accessible to UTEP. The airport area and West Side have lots of restaurant options, and downtown isn't far at all from the University.
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Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino
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Places to eat while in El Paso:
El Paso Times restaurant listings, with short comment on each place.
El Paso Restaurant Rankings
Mexican food:
"> Carlos & Mickey's (near the airport)
Casa Jurado (near UTEP)
From MinerTavo:
You might want to try Casa Jurado on Cincinnati Street, the "in" bar area in El Paso about a 10 minute walk away from the stadium. It's a Mexican food restaurant and will offer everything you mentioned. Ask for Genaro Mier: (915) 532-6429.
Avila's (On Mesa)
Little Diner in Canutillo
Barriga's, which started in Juarez and recently jumped the border into El Paso
G&R in Central
L&J by Concordia Cemetery
From M.J.:
Go to any Mexican restaurant that looks like a hole in the wall place. You won't be disappointed. My advice would be to eat Mexican food for the next few days.
State Line (West side)
From d.hunt:
State Line does have a private room. Ask to talk to the manager, Mike Sheehan. Also, try Dominics near the airport or Carlos and Mickey's, if you want good Mexican food, also near the airport. Good luck. Dh
Great American Land and Cattle Co.
*My personal favorite: Cattleman's Steakhouse near Fabens. This would be ideal for your "splurge" night. You'll have to take a little drive, as it's about 20 miles east of El Paso, but it's well worth it. And go light on lunch that day, because these folks will have you stuffed with their steaks and all the fixin's (beans, Cole slaw, rolls, etc.). Also, if you can manage it, try to get there in time to watch the sun set. It's absolutely beautiful to watch it go down over the desert as you eat.
Cappetto's and the Italian Kitchen (both in Five Points, central El Paso)
Options downtown are somewhat limited. There's La Malinche for Mexican food, but it's only open during the day. And Cafe Central is nice, but be prepared to shell out a few bucks. There's also a nice, but pricey, restaurant at the Camino Real, called Azulejos. I've heard good things about the El Paso Downtown Sports Bar and Grill, but I've never been there.
El Paso Eats
Chico's has also been mentioned. It's fast-food, greasy-spoon fare that is become something of an El Paso tradition. Order a "double" and a beef stew burrito. Also, Roscoe's Burger Inn on Fort Boulevard is worth trying for some good, greasy burgers (if you're not on a diet).
Kiki's on Piedras also serves up a quality Mexican meal. Ask for the Billy Gillespie table!
Tips from the posters:
From vivautep:
The best Mexican joint is at Kings X, called Lucy's (near the Sun Bowl) good eats. I am not very familiar with downtown eateries, but here are a couple of Sun Bowl area joints, Rib Hut & Jaxon's!
From timbug10:
Contact Pelican's Restaurant (East) at (915) 598-5705 after 4pm MST and ask to speak to the Manager Shannon. Tell her Timbug10 referred you. They have great food, chicken, steak, prime rib, and a vast selection of quality seafood that is flown in daily. This restaurant is one of the better restaurants, service/food everything and it's only about 10 minutes from the airport. Short jaunt down Montana, hang a right on Lee Trevino and the Restaurant is on the Corner of Lee Trevino and Trawood.
From stanman505:
I would suggest the short drive up Mesa Street to some very good restaurants: Mesa Street Bar & Grill, Geo Geske, ROL, Casa Jurado's and the Rib Hut are close to campus so the drive is less than five minutes or about 3-5 miles. If you are staying near the airport then you would want to try my one of my friend's restaurants, El Nido or Dos Nido's. They have good Mexican food at a fair price. Lucy's near the UTEP campus is also good.
Tips from judensmithfan:
Other people had some good recommendations, but I thought I'd add a few details about my favorite El Paso restaurants. Most of these have already been mentioned by other people.
L & J Cafe -- Mexican food, breakfast & lunch only. On Missouri Avenue in Central El Paso next to historic Concordia Cemetery. Eat your lunch and then walk across the street to see gunfighter John Wesley Hardin's grave. In my opinion this is the best Mexican food in town, although there are many great ones. They also have a popular bar that (I think) stays open later than the restaurant.
Chico's Tacos -- Several locations around town. A local institution that is not for all tastes; most people either love it or hate it. (Personally, I go straight there from the airport whenever I fly into town.) Greasy rolled tacos are the specialty, but hamburgers &etc are also available. It's filthy, noisy, dirt cheap, and really damned good.
Cappetto's -- On Montana St. in central El Paso. Owned by the biggest UTEP booster in the city. Your basic moderately priced Italian restaurant, good food and everything homemade.
Great American Land & Cattle Company -- Steakhouse, several locations around town. The tourist books will tell you to visit Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens, but that's overpriced and overrated -- strictly for folks who like style over substance. Instead you should go to Great American, which offers better steaks at less than half the price.
Sol's Barbecue -- On Montana Avenue near the airport. Great little hole in the wall BBQ place, very reasonable prices. Try the hash sandwich and a chili bowl.
If you happen to lose your way and find yourself in the Northeast part of town, both House of Pizza on Piedras St. and Carrasco's Hamburgers on Fort Blvd. are highly recommended.
La Posta -- In Old Mesilla, New Mexico, about 40 minutes north of El Paso. Other than Cattleman's Steakhouse, this is the most famous restaurant in the region. Unlike Cattleman's, it deserves that fame. It has a great New Mexican food and an atmosphere that can't be beat.
There are also several places where you can get great Mexican food from vending stands... most notably at the Fox Plaza Mercado, 5559 Alameda, a flea-market type thing which operates on weekends only. Also, I assume you will be venturing over the bridge to CD. Juarez, if so; they sell delicious gorditas and enchiladas at the Mercado there.
The Bowie Bakery on Park Street in South El Paso. Lastly, if you want some great Mexican pastries and other holiday sweets. I recommend the macaroons, although everyone has their favorite
After the game, walk over to the Mesa Street Bar & Grill. They've got really good food, a nice atmosphere and plenty of booze.
Spend some time at the Downtown Sports Bar & Grill on Mills. Get the pastrami sandwich, some fries and a couple of Newcastles.
Then, head over to Jaxon's. Their Mesa location is closest to downtown, but I think that's the only location that doesn't have a micro-brewery. So if you're staying by the airport, head to the one on Airway. If you're staying by the stadium or downtown, go to the one on Remcon.
After the game, walk over to Cincinnati Street. There's plenty of bars and some good places to eat. On Friday night, you should probably find a good Mexican restaurant.
I like Kiki's and Carlos & Mickey's, personally. I'm sure you'll get plenty of other suggestions. You're going to want to go check out Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino. Enjoy a damn good buffet at Ventanas while you watch the ponies run. I wouldn't really recommend the casino portion of that place. It's just too crowded and always seems to be filled with some pretty rude people.
Other options:
Chico's Tacos - Everyone who has ever been to El Paso is going to ask you if you went there, so you might as well go.
Cattleman's - A little overrated and way out in the middle of nowhere, but it's steaks have been voted the "best" in the borderland for about a thousand years in a row.
Great American - I'd choose Great American over Cattleman's every day of the week. They've got some really good food.
Dominic's - Good Italian food, great atmosphere.
Cappetto's - Great Italian food, decent atmosphere.
Cafe Central - Good food. Not really my type of crowd (snobby).
Geo Geske - See above.