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Miner Illustrated has been covering UTEP sports for the last seven years. The main goal of Miner Illustrated is to provide Miner fans with total coverage of UTEP athletics.
The site was established in July 2009 as a "blog" before re-launching as a news and information website in Sept. 2009
Miner Illustrated, a fully-credentialed online media publication, is dedicated to the dissipation and analysis of information and events relating to UTEP Athletics. The Miner Illustrated Staff provides coverage of recruiting, player profiles, team analysis and other articles in order to better engage the UTEP fan community.
Miner Illustrated provides both free and premium content to our valued users. People wishing to view premium content and features can do so by trying out our 7-day free trial by going to this link, or by calling 1-866-2-RIVALS. For more information on premium subscriptions visit this link.
The great thing is that the content, premium and free, is available all day and everyday at Miner Illustrated. So click away and enjoy.
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Rigo Chaparro: President
He may be reached at or you can follow him on Twitter at @minermaniac.
Josh Puga: Staff writer
Josh Puga has been working with Miner Illustrated since the Aug. 2010, bringing Miner fans the latest and most up-to-date recruiting information you won't find anywhere else. He, along with fellow writer UTEP66, was the backbone behind MI's much read "Scouting Mine" article. The article has taken on a new shape by splitting into two separate article, basketball and football, but that doesn't mean Puga's perspective or eye for talent has diminished.
Puga also pens weekly opinion articles and features in regards to UTEP basketball's recruiting trail.
He may be reached at or you can follow him on Twitter at @JPuga1966.
Angel Luna: Staff writer
There are three things you need to know about Luna: he was born and raised in Puerto Rico, is an avid fan of college sports, especially football, basketball and volleyball and in 2003 he moved to El Paso, Texas. Since then, he's followed UTEP's basketball, football and volleyball teams, faithfully, while also keeping a closer eye on their respective recruiting efforts. Luna played competitive volleyball and softball in high school and enjoys playing golf, softball, basketball and the piano in his spare time.
He may be reached at or you can follow him on Twitter at @quantumii_usa.