Stull Made Right Call With Miami Game

Everything lately that has been discussed about UTEP football has revolved around the search that is going on by AD Bob Stull for a new head coach. The speculation, along with the name-dropping and the rumors has helped this topic to dominate the conversation for a few weeks now.
That was until yesterday.
All of the sudden, the message boards and Twitter were a buzz with the news that UTEP had turned down a home and home schedule with the University of Miami. The interim AD at Miami tweeted the news and it spread like a wild fire.
When Stull was asked about this, he said that a fourth opponent for next year had been found and the contract was almost finalized. UTEP was just awaiting the contract and he would announce next week who it would be.
A lot of fans were upset that Stull had turned down the Hurricanes and went with another school that he says will be just as big or bigger than Miami.
It is probably to early to say if that will work but you have to give credit to the Miner Maniacs and loyal UTEP fans on twitter and the Miner Illustrated message boards for getting their opinion out there on the Internet and posed more questions as to why the deal fell through. Fans were all over it and hit the story from every angle. There were points and counterpoints from everyone and there mother online yesterday
But we need to take a moment and think about this. This is not the "U" that was portrayed in the ESPN 30 For 30 piece. This is not the Miami team that was a factory for NFL players and this is not the Miami that was competing for National Championships just 10 years ago.
No, this Miami is a team that is in the middle of NCAA investigations. A team that is the second year of a self-imposed bowl ban to hopefully make their punishment for the latest battle with the NCAA not as sever when the NCAA reveals it's finding and hands down the punishment they feel Miami deserves.
There are many things in this world that survives on name alone when it's time has passed, there's not much more you can do for them. The University of Miami at this point in time is one of them. Is this really a team the Miners want to play against?
I am sure everyone is going to say I am taking a potshot or a low blow to their program. Let me say, in no way shape or form am I trying to do that. I am just stating an honest fact.
Would I like to see those orange and green uniforms come out of the tunnel at the Sun Bowl? Would I like to see the Miami mascot on the sideline bouncing around?
Sure, that would be great because I know the history of the Hurricanes. But I have to tell you, on this one, Stull got it right and I will defer to his judgment and "hope" the school he announces next week, does have a bigger name.
Chad Middleton, also the producer for 600 ESPN El Paso's SportsTalk, can be reached at or you can follow him on Twitter at @chad600espn. Make sure to follow Miner Illustrated on Twitter at @minermaniac for more up-to-date news and information about UTEP.